Saturday, September 14, 2013

Classes Today

Today I finally had my first full day of teaching of the semester. I taught one class in Legon and then one at City Campus in Accra. Traffic was particularly bad. There was a horrible bottleneck around the  Kanda/Nima area. We left Legon at 1:15 and arrived at City Campus at 2:15, an hour long trip that should have taken only 20 minutes if traffic had not been insane even for Accra. Coming back at 4:30 was even worse. But, the important thing is that the students at City Campus finally showed up for class. Last week I sent my TA there to give them the readings and nobody showed up.

Both classes went well. They actually asked questions that showed that they were paying attention to the lecture and thinking about the material. That is always a good sign.

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