Sunday, September 08, 2013

Jamestown and Usshertown

Yesterday, I went to the annual art festival along John Evans Atta Mills High Street in Jamestown (British Accra) and Usshertown (Dutch Accra). There was music, dancing, and food.  I got talked into going up to the top of the lighthouse by a colleague visiting from the US for a semester. It looks a lot taller on the inside and the way up is very narrow and treacherous. The last flight is an old wooden ladder that has a broken step. At the top the platform slopes downward rather than being even so the vertigo factor is further enhanced. The only thing I have been on in recent years that compares is the Ferris wheel at Panifilov Park in Bishkek. A Ferris wheel built during the Khrushchev era and lacking any type of safety features whatsoever to prevent you from falling to your death. At any rate I had a good time at the festival. But, as a middle aged man I wish they would turn the music down a little bit. At times I felt like I was in a giant outdoor nightclub and had difficulty carrying on any type of conversation with people.

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