Saturday, October 05, 2013

Collectif de Resistance de la Diaspora - Togo

The current regime in next door Togo is well known for its violation of its citizens' civil and human rights. On 27 August 2013 it permanently shut down Radio Legende after suspending the station for a month. But, for some reason this was only reported by two days ago. The freedom struggle in Togo like many other similar movements for human liberty and dignity has a strong diaspora component. To the right is the symbol of the Collectif de Resistance de la Diaspora Togo. This organization is a multithenic organization founded by the coming together of three movements associated with specific ethnic groups in Togo. These include the Ewe organization Kekeli, the Kabaye group Tinga, and the Kotokoli movement Fitila. On 16 and 17 November 2013 Kekeli will be holding a meeting in Bremen, Germany to discuss ways in which to free Togo from dictatorship. Unfortunately, the freedom movement in Togo has received very little support in the West. The freedom, human rights, and human dignity of Africans is a very low priority in the US and Europe. The French and German governments continue to prop up the Togolese dictatorship despite falsely claiming to support human rights abroad.

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