Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Today's Academic Accomplishment

Today I submitted an abstract for a conference in a country other than Ghana for the first time in over five years. In fact the conference is not even in Africa. But, now that I know how to apply for university funding for conferences I figure I might as well apply to give a paper to anything of interest I come across. It also gives me a chance to branch out into new areas. That is assuming first that the abstract is accepted and second that the university pays for my plane ticket. I hope that the people organizing this conference are more prompt in their response than the Germans organizing the conference in Ho have been. In the olden days conference organizers used to either accept or reject abstracts within six weeks. There was none of this waiting for months on end without any of the submitters hearing anything from the organizers. At any rate the first draft of the paper for Ho is done so if the conference doesn't come through I will just edit it down for publication somewhere else. Although I would certainly like to get a free trip to Ho including hotel and meals.

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