Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where and What to Eat on Campus Part II

Legon Hall was the first residency hall built at the University of Ghana. It is also the one closest to my office. Its dining hall is pretty good. Senior members have their own section with waiters. Legon has good red red, wakeye, kenkey with fish and pepper, and fufu and goat in groundnut soup each for five cedis are less. In particular the dining hall has the best kenkey and wakeye on campus. They seem to be known for their kenkey. Like everywhere else in Ghana the portions are quite large. So I have taken to telling them to only give me one kenkey with my fish and pepper rather than the two they normally serve.

The Basement is a restaurant on the ground floor not in the basement of the old Central Cafeteria building which is now used mostly for lectures and religious services. They have the best red red on campus. They put sardines and those little green chilies in the beans. Their jollof rice and chicken is not bad, but I have found the soups they serve with their fufu to be noticeably less tasty than other places on campus. Their prices are around 4.50 cedis per a meal. But, adding a beverage moves the total cost up close to six cedis.

Akuafo Hall has an inexpensive dining hall and their chicken, jollof rice, fried rice, and red red are all decent. You can get a full meal for for about 3.50 cedis. You get your food from the counter rather than from a waiter so its also fast. But, overall the food is not as good as at Legon.

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