Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What it is ain't exactly clear

It looks like the civil unrest in the US has finally been put down by law enforcement, apparently with some degree of violence.  I don't recall such problems in the US during the three decades I lived there. It seems that there have been substantial changes in the US while I have been out of the country. But, to be honest I find them difficult to comprehend. Maybe somebody could explain to me what has happened in America while I have been gone?


Leo Tolstoy said...

Twitter is also blocking #OccupyWallStreet and #OWS as trending topics, so information can't be spread as easily.

Income disparity is reaching a critical point, and the Occupy Wall Street movement was/is the first manifestation of discontent. It will most likely fade out this time, but will resurface in increasingly violent manifestations over the next decades.

amy said...

I think Walt may be right about the future of this movement. Right now these groups appear to be very disorganized, although that is one of the tactics used by non-violent protestors in other citations around the world, I just don't see how it is working for this one. I am starting to see that you can't just stand there and say you don't like corporate greed, predatory banking, etc, you have to have some sort of solutions or suggestions to bring about change. Just saying you don't like it isn't enough and pitching a tent city in a park isn't a solution. We aren't being oppressed by an evil dictator here. We have channels in place for any kind of change that needs to be made. It starts at the voting booth. I agree with much of what the protestors are saying but their road to making changes appears to be as good as a cow path to the middle of no where.