Saturday, November 12, 2011

End of Year Wrap Up

I have now finished teaching classes for the semester. Next week is revision week followed by exams. I have some revision deadlines of my own to meet during the next month. I have a revise and resubmit for a journal article as well as a book chapter that needs to be revised. I will start in earnest on these projects on Monday.

This semester went fairly well. I think the students learned something. I seem to be able to transfer knowledge from my head to their heads without too much difficulty. I am still not sure why everybody before 2007 said I was incapable of ever teaching because I had not taught before.


wazhma said...

Mr.Pohl you were one of the best teachers that I had during my studies in AUCA. I learned a lot from you and I believe all of students at least in those classes that I had with you, have the same idea about you. I really enjoyed those classes!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thank you very much Wazhma.