Thursday, November 03, 2011

Labor Camps with the Largest Contingents of Russian-Germans Mobilized into the Labor Army

The camps are list alphabetically according to the Cyrillic alphabet. Only the dozen largest by population of mobilized Russian-Germans are included below.

Bakalstroi (Chelyabinsk Oblast), industrial construction, 28,134 in January 1942

Bogoslov (Sverdlovsk Oblast), industrial construction, 12,758 in January 1942

Volzhlag (Ul'ianovsk Oblast), railroad construction, 16,712 in January 1942

Vorkuta (Arkhangelsk Oblast), coal mining, 6,873 in January 1944

Vosturallag (Sverdlovsk Oblast), lumber preparation, 5,252 in January 1942

Viatlag (Kirov oblast), mining and lumber prepartation, 5,444 in January 1942

 Ivdellag (Sverdlovsk Oblast), lumber preparation, 12,347 in January 1942

Kraslag (Krasnoiarsk Krai), lumber preparation, 5,313 in January 1942

Sevzheldorlag (Komi ASSR), railroad construction, 5,727 in April 1942

Sevurallag (Sverdlovsk Oblast), forest preparation, 4,262 in April 1942

Solikamsk (Molotov Oblast), industrial construction, 9,126 in January 1942

Usol'lag (Molotov Oblast), lumber preparation, 6,004 in January 1942

Source: A.A. German and A.N. Kurochkin, Nemtsy SSSR v "Trudovoi armii" . Moscow, 1998, pp. 163-169.

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