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Labor Army Document on Planned Distribution of Forced Laborers

Proposal to use Germans - men 17-50 years old  

2 January 1942 

Kraslag Krasnoiarsk krai has a program of lumber production for 1942 - 1700 thousand cubic meters; has prisoners - working - 17 000 people; deficit workers' strength - 6000 people; might take Germans - 8000 people; so that the program might be increased to 200 [sic] thousand cubic meters. 
Ivdel'lag Sverdlovsk oblast has a program of lumber production for 1942 - 2200 thousand cubic meters. On the condition that all working prisoners are transferred  - 16 700 people. (need 32 000) - to Sevurralag might take Germans - 30 000 people. (has 2500 Germans). 
Usol'lag Molotov oblast has program of lumber production for 1942 - 3500 thousand cubic meters; prisoners needed - 40 500; has - 32 130 people; might take Germans - 9000 people. 
Ust'vymlag Komi ASSR has a program of lumber production for 1942 - 1500 thousand cubic meters; prisoners working - 15 000 people; might take Germans - 7000 people. 
Viatlag Perm oblast has a program of lumber production - 1500 thousand cubic meters; has working prisoners 21 000 people; might take Germans - 10 000 people.  
Might organize a new camp in Novosibirsk oblast - Tomasinkii camp, given to the People's Commissariat of Forestry in 1940 - for a program of 850 thousand cubic meters. Germans it might take - 15 000 people.  
Total use for lumber preparation - 79 000 - 80 000 people. 
Bakal factory Cheliabinsk  oblast - for construction of Bakal metallurgical factory (mainly, in the stage of work up until August 1942) - 30 000 people. 
Bogoslov factory Sverdlovsk oblast - for construction - 5000 people. 
Solikamsk factory Molotov oblast - construction - 5000 people. 
Total for use in the economy of the USSR - 120 000 people. 
Deputy Chief of
Internal Affairs USSR

Source: N.F. Bugai, (ed.),  "Mobilizovat' nemtsev v rabochie kolonny... I. Stalin": Sbornik dokumentov (1940-e gody) (Moscow: Gotika, 1998), doc. no. 34, p. 57. Translated from Russian to English by J. Otto Pohl. 

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Unknown said...

The system of labor camps in the period 1939-1948 consisted from four virtual parts: 1.GUPVI,(POWs and internees),2.GULAG administration, 3. Territorial labor camp administrations (UILTK and OITK) and 4.other administrations(upravlenia)NKVD/MVD which in some documents they call "civil ministries". The number of these administrations changed for years. This system is a virtual one, people could be transferred from one to other and sometime the names of the administrations did make any sense and it was possible that people from different subsystems could work at the same enterprise, although e.g. it was prohibited to keep POWs with prisoners but in some places they were. A liste of located GUPVI we can find here (German). To locate other labor camps we need to open sites of the Memorial society For example we want to find the information for a prisoner who in 1944 was in on of the zones (OLP) of the Usolsky ITL (Usollag). We look in this list
Found УСОЛЬСКИЙ ИТЛ , go inside , look up information, 01.01.44 — 20 601 prisoners (it is not an exact number but in most cases a less or more exact approximation for able to work and to achieve the production plan)
Managed was by colonel Volkov A.M or colonel GB Tarasuck S.A.
find (Subordinated) Подчинен: ГУЛАГ 05.02.38-26.02.41
УЛЛП 26.02.41-04.03.47 ( GULAG 02.38-0.2.1941. ULLP 02.1941- 03..1947)
Then we go here :
Look NKVD structure for 01.01.1945 , 37. Управление лагерей лесной промышленности (М.М. Тимофеев) (УЛЛП /ULPP) Administration for forest industry camps
Then to find more information here:
Prisoners 01.01.1945 145,934
Same ВОРКУТИНСКИЙ ИТЛ (Воркуто-Печорский ИТЛ, Воркутпечлаг,Воркутлаг, Воркутстрой)
ГУЛАГ с 10.05.38 [1];
УТП с 26.02.41 [3];
ГУЛГМП с 02.07.41 [4];
ГУЛЖДС с 24.10.41 [5];
ГУЛГМП с 05.10.43 [6];
ГУЛАГ МЮ с 02.04.53 {33};
ГУЛАГ МВД с 28.01.54 {38};
МВД Коми АССР с 07.10.55 [7];
ГУИТК МВД СССР с 31.01.57 {43};
МВД РСФСР с 01.12.57 {44}.
GULAG (05.38-02.41), (04.1953-01.1954)
UTP (07.41-07.1941) FUEL INDUSTRY NKVD (existed 5 months)
GULGMP (07.1941-10.1941), (10.1943-04.1953) ГЛАВНОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ ЛАГЕРЕЙ
ГОРНО-МЕТАЛЛУРГИЧЕСКИХ ПРЕДПРИЯТИЙ ( Administration mining and metallurgical camps)
MVD Komi ASSR (01.1954-01.1957)
GUITK MVD SSSR(01.1957-12.1957)