Thursday, December 20, 2012


Today I accomplished no actual work. Instead I went to buy a new MTN modem. The old one vanished, actually I think it was stolen. But, it had no data on it and it turns out to be a lot cheaper to buy a new modem with data on it than to buy data to put on an old modem. The only problem is that traffic this time of year is awful and waiting at the MTN store to buy and register anything usually takes longer than waiting at the state hospital to see a doctor. Then I went to the bank to get money for the Christmas weekend. The highlight of my day was seeing an old friend of mine from Nigeria that I met in Bishkek in 2010. This is the second time he has come to Legon to have lunch with me.  Finally, after lunch I dropped off my laundry to be cleaned. I do not intend to leave Legon and fight against Accra traffic again until after Boxing Day.

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