Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Like Chuck

I like Chuck Hagel. I like him precisely because he is not a tool of the Israeli lobby and puts the interests of the US before that of the state of Israel. I hope he becomes the next Secretary of Defense. Unfortunately, the people who put the interests of Israel ahead of the US are very powerful in US politics and media. So he may be defeated. But, after Obama's spectacularly bad pick of Susan Rice to be Secretary of State it is good to see him make a very good choice for Secretary of Defense.


e julius drivingstorm said...

I like Mr. Hagel, too.

However, Senator Hagel voted for the Authorization for Use of Military Force (to go to war with Iraq). According to Wikipedia, he later denounced that war as being one of the five biggest blunders of...I forget.

Only one Republican senator (Lincoln Chaffee) voted against the AUMF, joining the 19 Democrat party senators who voted likewise (22 for).

So, basically, I can trust 20 senators who got it right. But Senator Hagel was not then among them. I would like to know why.

Actually, I would like to know why all of the senators voted as they did egen- pro or con.

Anyway, I don't think I could disqualify him out of hand to be an able Sec. of Def., as he has a background that I can respect.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Senator Hagel is far from perfect. But, comparing him to say Susan Rice he comes out looking quite good. I think he will keep us from going to war against Iran and that is a good thing.