Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Moscow Germans Deported to Uzbekistan

The Stalin regime deported comparatively few Russian-Germans to Uzbekistan. Indeed I was somewhat surprised when a woman I interviewed in Kant, Kyrgyzstan told me about her German family being deported from Belarus to Uzbekistan. Evidently the NKVD also deported some of the ethnic Germans living in Moscow to Uzbekistan. I was unaware of this previously and was under the impression that all the deportees from Moscow ended up in Kazakhstan. Echelon 1072 arrived in Tashkent on 27 September 1941 with 2769 deportees from Moscow after travelling for thirteen days. The Soviet government placed these special settlers in Kirov Raion in Tashkent Oblast. So in addition to the massive number of Russian-Germans the NKVD exiled to Kazakhstan and Siberia, they also initially sent a few thousand to Uzbekistan. 

Source: A.A. German, "Deportatsiia nemtsev iz Moskvy i Moskovskoi oblasti" in A.A. German (ed)., Nachal'nyi period Velikoi Otechestvennoi voiny i deportatsiia rossiiskikh nemtsev: vzgliady i otsenki cherez 70 let (Moscow: MSNK-press, 2011),  pp. 521-527.

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