Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Latest Leftist Strategy to Denigrate Africa

I have noticed a new leftist strategy to denigrate Africa and particularly Ghana on the Internet. This consists of dismissing all of the political, economic, and social progress made by Ghana as an independent state because unpaid child labor still exists in some sectors of the economy. This is a particularly racist argument because it states that as long as Ghana fails to completely eliminate child labor that nothing else it does counts as worthwhile. Meanwhile a completely different set of standards is applied to the "progressive" and white European countries. Their political and economic achievements are never dismissed because of continuing injustices in their societies. Nobody ever says that the educational and health care systems in Europe should be dismissed because racial discrimination against African immigrants continues to exist in these societies. Or the fact that child prostitution still exists in Europe. This is a strategy that US "progressives" reserve solely for successful African countries. The fact that Ghana has established a long term stable democratic system after years of military dictatorship is completely dismissed because the government still has not totally eradicated child labor in the fishing and cocoa industries. The fact that standards of living for many people have increased dramatically in recent years is also totally ignored in favor of pointing out that child labor still exists Indeed it seems that no matter how prosperous, democratic, and otherwise advanced Ghana becomes none of this will ever be recognized as significant by US "progressives" as long as Ghana fails to reach perfection in eliminating child labor. This is a completely unreasonable stance by US "progressives" and one that is motivated by racism as they have never applied similar impossible standards to white European countries.

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