Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Monday again

As far as I can tell this blog has three human readers left. That is undoubtedly more than my academic writing garners. But, still only a quarter as many readers as I had a decade ago or a 75% decline. Maybe it is because I have been in one place too long now. Out of the nearly 13 years this blog has lived a little less than one was in London but blogging was very light. Then I spent a year in northern Virginia followed by two years in Arizona, three and a half in Kyrgyzstan, and now five and a half in Ghana. So the African phase has been by far the longest. However, for better or worse it does not look like I will be moving anytime soon. So maybe I am no longer a man on the move.


Jorge Bohn said...


derRach said...

Stiff upper lip and all that?

Keep the faith, fight the good fight and finish the race.

derRach said...

Where were you happiest, or is that a fair question? You certainly are a globetrotter.