Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of Semester

The semester is rapidly coming to an end. I gave one final exam on Monday and have almost finished grading the exams. I have five left. My other final exam is next week. It is a larger class but grading might go faster because it is more closely related to my research fields.

As always I am on the look out for small research grants. Even a few hundred dollars helps a lot in the "Third World." So if you have any suggestions of where to apply for funds to study the type of things I write about please leave them in the comments. If you are not sure about what I write about then go see this site and scroll down. There you can see a number of my published works. My latest journal article of course is not available there. But, can be found here if you have access through a university or other institution. Needless to say acquiring primary and even secondary sources is much more difficult here in Ghana than it would be if I worked at a North American or European university in large part due to a lack of research funds.

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