Sunday, May 22, 2016


This weekend I again went to the mall on Saturday and had coffee followed by a Philly cheese steak. But, I did not see Rawlings this time. I had a bigger cheese steak with more cheese and hot stuff this time, however. Today I got to church on time due to getting a ride with a fellow worshipper. I then went to the office. For lunch I walked down to the night market to get some spicy chicken wings and plantains from Meluvs. Then it started to rain so I walked as fast as I could. I still got a little bit wet, but not soaked. I did not think there could be much water left in the air since last night it poured heavily for hours on end. As it was it did not rain very long or very hard by Ghanaian standards this afternoon.

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derRach said...

I like your occasional interludes of life at university. Perhaps it does not attract the numbers, but it presents you as a real individual.

Question: I recall that you told us of your graduation from SOAS. Do you keep track of the statistics or fellow members of your graduating class, at least in your specialty?