Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This Morning

Today I picked up the laundry I left at the Starwash because I was listening to a lecture on the social geography of Accra when they closed yesterday. Then I got some koko and koose for breakfast before I started work. Today I taught my post-graduate course on the history of ethnicity and "race". I had exactly one student show up. I had been told that there were three students enrolled for the class. But, today a co-worker of mine told me that the other two first year MPhil students had dropped out of the program. I still have to officially verify this, but it seems likely that I will be teaching one student for three hours a week every Tuesday morning this semester. What is more the preparation for that class requires between 200 and 400 pages of reading a week. So this particular student will be very labor intensive. If he is indeed the only post-graduate student left from his cohort then he will be the only student taking three classes a week from three different lecturers in the history department. A faculty to student ratio of three to one has got to be some type of new record.

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