Monday, February 17, 2014

In Togo and 13 other African States French colonialism never really ended

French neo-colonialism is one of the more evil things that still exists in this world. For all intents and purposes the French unlike the Germans in 1914-1918 never gave up real control of their colonies in Africa. Instead they put puppet regimes in charge of most of them and continue to this day to control the finances and resources of 14 former African colonies. France also maintains virtual military protectorates over these states. This article goes into extensive detail about how French neo-colonialism in Africa works in actual practice. When American "progressives" praise things like French health care they should be aware that it is funded in part by the continued exploitation and impoverishment of people in Africa. France is rich in large part because it has made much of Africa poor by stealing its wealth. The record of France in overthrowing African governments, exploiting African resources and people, and propping up brutal African dictatorships is far worse than anything the US has ever done on the continent. But, white American "progressives" give France a complete and total pass on all of its ongoing crimes in Africa because it provides health care to the rich white people living within her European borders. Just more evidence that white "progressives" are in reality far more racist against Black Africans than any poor crackers living in Mississippi.

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