Saturday, March 24, 2012

UTAG Strike Officially Over

On Thursday the UTAG strike officially ended. Although the union leadership never told most of the membership either that it had started last Friday or that it ended on the following Thursday. During this time I did not teach any classes at the main campus in Legon. But, I did teach one on Tuesday at City Campus in Accra. It would have been nice if the UTAG leadership had told us when the strike started and when it ended. We had to find out through the Ghanaian mass media. For an organization representing about 2500 faculty including 800 here in Legon it could do a lot better job of informing its membership of what the leadership is up to. But, the UTAG leadership does talk to the press and from the various news reports on the Internet I have garnered the following information. It appears that payment of the arrears will come. But, for some reason Winneba will get paid first before Legon. Optimistically lecturers in Winneba will have their money in a little over a week. I have no idea when we will get our arrears paid here in Legon, but I hope it is before June.

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