Thursday, May 06, 2010

Publish, Teach and Perish at AUCA

Two days ago despite getting good teaching and research evaluations the administration of American University of Central Asia unexpectedly refused to renew my contract. The "official" reason for firing me is that they are making curricular changes in the department to eliminate comparative politics and political history classes in favor of only IR courses. In the three years I have been here I have had six academic publications including two peer reviewed journal articles last semester. I have also gotten very good student evaluations including two perfect scores last semester. So apparently neither good research or teaching count for anything here. I am currently looking for work elsewhere in Central Asia and any advice would be much appreciated. I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to my students for their support in the last few days.


Rustam said...

Dear Otto,

It is big shame to hear this happening as I haven't seen any professor at AUCA who was willing to assist students with their academic demands. Neither, has any instructor came closer to preparing as many interesting and fulfilling articles to read.
I would suggest you to visit with KIMEP university in Kazakhstan and there is American University in Kazakhstan, as well as Kazakh-British Technical University.
I want to thank you Sir for all what you have done to all ICP students at the time of your presence!
Best Regards,

Rustam said...
should work Sir

WR said...

That f*****g sucks.