Saturday, May 08, 2010

AUCA Students on my firing

My students have been very supportive of me in the last week. I did not come to work on the 5th of May because it was a holiday. When I returned to work on the 6th, I found a series of notes by students on my desk. I have quoted them below.

"Dr Pohl!! You are the best advisor! We r for you!"

"Dr Otto Pohl! If they fire you I don't need AUCA's diploma!"

"Dr. Pohl! U R an awesome Professor!"

"Dr. Pohl! ICP/IR Needs You!"

"Dr. Pohl!!! ICP/IR Needs You!"

"Dr. Pohl!!!! We will fight for you!!"

"Dr. Pohl!!!ICP/IR desperately needs you!"

My students have been organizing on my behalf. They have taken up a petition and have confronted the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Bermet Tursunkulova. I am the only Ph.D. in the department and many of the students feel that being taught by people without a terminal degree is cheating of them of the education that they deserve. Many of them are on academic scholarships and the US State Department pays their tuition. So they worked hard to be taught by somebody with proper credenitials, not somebody with a mere MA. Why the US State Department allows their money to be wasted by AUCA in this manner is a good question to ask your congressman.


Cossack said...

Hello Mr. Pohl!

I have had a chance to look over your Blog here and am quit surprised to learn this information and I suspect it appears politial without doubt. I am very interested in getting further aquainted with you because I have learned that perhaps your are part of our Russian German community. It is very important that we make contact perhaps work in the same direction with each other and a organization I have created founded by volunteers at this time. When you have a chance let me know that you can have a little time to correspond via email. If you have a contact email here on your blog please direct me to find it so I can give more private info on contact. ! Thank you kindly for your time!

J. Otto Pohl said...

I am indeed of Russian-German ancestry. I can be contacted by email at pohlcat [the at sign] rocketmail [the dot] com.