Monday, May 24, 2010

I Have Received an Anonymous Threat Regarding my Blogging on AUCA

Last night at 11:16 I received an anonymous text message threat on my cell phone regarding my blogging about AUCA. I have reproduced the complete message below.

"Otto, I'm a friendly. Please stop blogging on your firing. You're burning bridges for a pointless cause. Let it go."

The coward did not leave his name, but failed to block his phone number. It is listed below.


I have repeatedly tried to call the number, but I keep getting a message saying the phone is turned off. Maybe somebody else in Bishkek can track down who it came from. In the US such attempts at intimidation are clearly illegal.

For those of you in the US this attempt to silence me through anonymous threats is something else you can add to your letter to your local congressman regarding continued US funding of AUCA.


daquail said...

Doesn't really sound like a threat, more like advice. You've said you'd like to remain in Central Asia; presumably at least some other universities in the region operate more or less like AUCA. By publicly denigrating AUCA you may in effect be burning your bridges to these other universities.

WR said...

I think we've this discussion before, Otto, but people too cowardly to supply their real names when offering "advice" can't be taken seriously.

Unknown said...

Otto, I agree with daquail and your anonymous texter. While making negative comments about AUCA will give you a brief moment of satisfaction it won't help you land a new a job.

WR said...

I just read all your posts on this subject, Otto, and nowhere do you publicly "denigrate" AUCA with the exception of one sentence in your May 14 post. The vast majority of what you post is your own outstanding record, comments by students, and your frustration at not getting a straight answer.

On the other hand, this blog isn't going to help you either. I've met Andrew Wachtel and know his reputation; he's a person of high character. You should try to contact him yourself as soon as you can.

J. Otto Pohl said...

I have contacted Dr. Wachtel. He has promised an investigation as soon as he assumes office in August. I am trying to encourage other people to contact him as well.

WR said...

I'll be contacting him right away. You'll be sure to get a fair shake from him.