Monday, April 12, 2010

Update from Bishkek

Blogger is still blocked at work, but I can access it from a proxy server. The walk to work today was not much different than every other day. I did notice, however, a lot of people repairing damage caused by looters to shops and banks. Most of them had broken windows and "Biz El Menen" (Kyrgyz for We are with the People) spray painted on them. The university was untouched by the violence. So far it appears that none of our students were hurt during the recent confrontations between the previous government and opposition demonstrators. Rumors and speculation are rife, but nobody I know seems to have any inside information on what really happened.


WR said...

The US press is blaming it on Moscow:

Any truth to it?

Glad you're OK.


Barent M. Gordinier said...

hey Otto, glad that you and the school and students made it through ok. I imagine you'll have no shortage of fodder for class discussions now! I look forward to your further analysis of these recent historical events... I thought I was going to witness history there in 2007, alas it was a dog and pony show compared to this current carnage. I truly hope Roza, Edil and company don't let these deaths go in vain...
Beau G.