Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Observations About Bishkek

I have noticed that one building not being repaired is the White House. Its windows are still broken out and its exterior remains scorch marked from the fire there on 7-8 April 2010. Most other damaged and even some destroyed buildings seem to be being rebuilt.

Last I heard on the news it will be two weeks to a month before I can access my money at AUB. This is better than what they told me at the bank. But, I am still sceptical.

Security is still a major concern. Only a small fraction of the city's police have returned to work. The university is now closing at 5 pm since it is dangerous at night.

I suspect that the economic situation in Kyrgyzstan will deteriorate considerably. The looting and banking scandals are major disincentives for any kind of foreign investment. Most of the large stores in the city were both foreign owned and completely destroyed during the looting.

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