Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Revolutionary Aftershock

Yesterday I was again sent home for my own saftey as word of approaching rioters inspired the university administration to once again cancel classes. The university was unhurt. I have seen evidence that two people were killed elsewhere. I do not know much more. I am going to try going to the bank again this week to see if I can get my money. They told me on the phone I could get it today or tomorrow, but maybe there was a misunderstanding since the conversation was in Russian.


WR said...

Hey Otto, some "Kyrgyzskij politolog" named Kniazev is saying that there's a good chance Kyrgyzstan will cease to exist! www.time.kz/index.php?newsid=15655

Any idea if this is just Russian bluster or not?

J. Otto Pohl said...

I do not think Kyrgyzstan is in any danger of ceasing to exist any time soon.

Unknown said...

Hey Otto! Stan Engel here in Bangkok. You might remember me from the spirited debate we two had in Usenet's soc.history.what-if group concerning Israeli views on the WW1 Armenian genocide. I'm glad you're OK and hope your home in Arivaca remains woodpecker free. We've got a potentially lethal situation in Thailand right now and I'm staying out of it. My advice: if asked, you agree with whatever political view is expressed by your questioner. Kyrgyz have a fearsome reputation, Thais do not, but either way it's unsafe to argue with angry and desperate people.

J. Otto Pohl said...


Well, I have avoided being the victim of any violence here in Kyrgyzstan. I generally avoid arguing with people who might physically harm me. Although I have argued with police men on a couple of occasions about not paying them bribes. Fortunately, there are no such people at the university so I feel free to try and provoke debate. I am more worried about the long term political stability and economic situation here than any immediate violence.