Monday, August 24, 2009

Some Very Good News on the Turkmen Front

The student who was going to return to Turkmenistan because the Turkmen government was threatening his family just came to see me. I thought he came to ask about the reference letter which I was just starting to write. Instead he told me that he would be staying at AUCA to finish his degree. He informed me that the official making the threats against his father has himself been removed and that he did not anticipate any further problems. So I will be seeing the student in class later this week.

I am not sure about the Turkmen students still in Turkmenistan. But, I did receive an e-mail from one of them recently. She informed me that she wanted to continue her education at AUCA and believed she could be here by the end of September or the start of October. So maybe by then the problem will be resolved.

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One Giant Steppe said...

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