Friday, August 07, 2009

Creating New Scholars

I think of my primary calling in life as transferring knowledge. I am not sure if knowledge wants to be free, but I feel compelled to share it. My great hope is that I can share enough knowledge with certain young people that they can then go on and do much better scholarship than me. When this happens I will have obtained the coveted Guru status that all true scholars desire. Those people who do not aspire for their students to become better scholars than themselves are obstacles to social process and selfish bastards. So I was thrilled when a student starting a Kandidat Nauk degree at another university asked me today if I would be his dissertation advisor. I do not even know if they are going to pay me for this work and honestly I do not care. This will be my first experience of supervising a doctoral level thesis.

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Susan Barnes said...

Congratulations! Hope it goes well.