Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More nuttery from America's most racist professor

I live and work in a country where the majority of the population is nominally Muslim. I have not had too many problems with most of the people here. The vast majority of them are very nice people. I certainly do not see them as fundamentally different from Christians and Jews in the US and Europe. My girlfriend and her kids are Muslims. I do not see how they are threats to the existence of Western civilization. Yet for some reason some professors at American universities entertain genocidal fantasies against a racialized Muslim collective. Imagine if he advocated similar policies against Black or Jewish people? But, American academia is perfectly content to allow the propagation of hate against politically incorrect groups such as Muslims, Palestinians including the Christian ones and ethnic Germans including women, children and anti-fascists.


Luisa said...

What scares them most is the political aspect of our religion and the introduction of Sharia law so they formed a ring of misinformation through blogs and other online media

Kristina said...

I have some thoughts on this but I'll send separately. I have an American office mate who will be coming to Bishkek next week. He graduated from Yale law school. He claims he can out-eat you in anything spicy. Hopefully you will have time to meet Collin if it fits into your schedule