Saturday, December 02, 2006

We have no water again

Last night we again lost all the water in the tank connected to the house. The cold weather caused the t-joint that gave us trouble last year to disconnect once more. The thing actually broke this time. So this weekend my uncle and I will have to replace it with a straight piece of joining pipe. I have no idea why anybody would be so dumb as to put a t-joint on the main water line from the well to the house. The spur only goes about five feet and leads to nothing more than a spigot in the middle of nowhere. Surely it would have been easier to get another ten feet of hose to connect to the next nearest spout. A spout which is connected to the overflow cistren rather than the house tank by the way, making it an even better alternative. On the bright side of things, unlike last year we know where the pipe from the tank to the house is buried. We also have a pick so digging the thing up was much easier.

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