Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Exciting Life in Arivaca

In the last two days the weather has gone from perfect to near freezing. It is cold, dry and windy with the high less than 50 F and the low below 30 F. The meterologists on the radio say this weather will continue for the rest of the week. The strong winds make it feel even colder. This is the type of weather one expects in Kazakhstan not Arizona.

We have a bunch of events scheduled in town for the Christmas season. Tonight we have a dinner and fund raiser at Arivaca's newest eatery. The RV park on Universal Ranch has decided to open a restaurant. In fact tonight is its opening night. They are serving lasagna. Saturday there is a lecture on the drought of 1920-1941 and the annual Christmas Tea at the library. A week after that is the Winter Fest at the community center and the week after that there is another fundraiser at La Gitana hosted by Banjo Dave. After that I have lost track of the festivities between now and Christmas, but there are a few more.

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