Friday, December 29, 2006

I thought this blog was dying, but maybe I was wrong

I had thought that this blog was slowly dying. Its ranking on technorati has been rapidly falling and most of my incoming links have disappeared in the last few months. For a long time I have had a constant readership of about a half a dozen people. Half of those people are family members. But, in the last couple days I have found evidence that as many as ten people may have read my blog this week. That would mean that my readership has almost doubled in the last few days. I am still a long ways from the thousands of readers claimed by trendy blogs, but any new readers are greatly welcome here.


varske said...

Apropos of your profile. I think I must win the prize for the longest PhD run with about 10 years. And in 1985 a PhD on Soviet energy was not a route to a good job either. But by 1991, it made good sense and I have had wonderful jobs ever since. Hang on in there.

And blog more often, even if it is just about everyday things. It gives us a chance to comment and keep you company.

J. Otto Pohl said...

Thanks for the comment Helene.