Saturday, November 11, 2006

Unpaid Scholastic Production

I got another abstract for the Big Idea the other day. This one was on labor migration in Central Asia. Since the sender lives in Central Asia, I hope she can make it to the conference. It is a very long trip for a one day event.

The Woodrow Wilson Center has now given official approval for the book, Going Home. I have a chapter on deported peoples in the USSR in it. I am not sure when it will see print. I am told that the book being edited at SOAS on Central Asian cotton that contains my paper, A Caste of Helot Labourers, will probably be published before the end of the year. I think Border Changes in 20th Century Europe should also be out before 2007. It will contain my paper, Ethnic Erasure: Soviet Ethnic Cleansing and Return Migration. Also my paper, Suffering in A Province of Asia: The Russian-German Diaspora in Kazakhstan has been accepted for publication. It will appear as a chapter in a collected work on German diasporas to be published in Canada. In total that is four book chapters. Each one to be published in a different country. The first in the US, the second in the UK, the third in Germany and the last one in Canada.

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