Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Publication pipeline

Well I still have not gotten the book chapter back from the editor in Austin for the book project out of DC. There appears to be some serious technical glitch preventing it from showing up in my e-mail. I am not sure if the problem is on my end, her end or in between. But, somewhere technology is failing in its duty. It may be faster to just have it sent by post soon.

The book project out of Tartu, however, is right on schedule. I attribute this to the Teutonic efficiency of its German editor. No delays, no glitches, no extra revisions and no headaches mar this project. No sir, not even the cybermonsters that live in New Mexico would dare mess with somebody with the title Herr Doktor Doktor Professor.

I sent in an edited version of my cotton paper to London for publication. I got back an e-mail from SOAS that they had received it. So it looks like that project is progressing smoothly. I do not predict any problems with this project. They had the conference very well organized.

I have not checked up on the other projects in the publication pipeline. I have one journal article scheduled for publication in May 2006, but the staff was based in New Orleans. So I am going to check and see if it has been delayed. I have one encyclopaedia article due to be published in Germany in March 2006 and I think that is still on track. Then I have five encyclopedia articles scheduled for publication in 2007. I believe they are still on schedule.


Frank said...

"Herr Doktor Doktor Professor"? Isn't the double doctors a little redundant? Regardless, I know I certainly wouldn't mess with someone by that name!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Frank in Germany, Austria, Poland and other areas influenced by the German university system there is the tradition of the double doctorate. The first is the Ph.D. the second is the Doktor Habilitat. At the conference I went to in Tartu most people there had the double doctorate. I with my mere one was a low man on the totem pole.