Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Great Arivaca Canals

For about a week now we have been losing more water than the well can pump. Since then we have been on strict water rations. We have been trying without results to fix this problem. Friday we dug up a section of pipe and fixed one leaky T-Joint. It appears, however, that there are other leaks. The tank is still not filling with water. In fact it is still just about empty. Tomorrow we will be adding to the ever more extensive series of trenches criss-crossing the hill between the well and the Chicken Shack. Someday, archeologists will be trying to discover the purpose of the Great Arivaca Canals.

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Chris O'Byrne said...

Is this how the Great Wall was built, two guys that just didn't know when to quit?

On another note, Sara noticed during a commercial for a Mongolian Barbeque restaurant that there were several conspicuous OTMs (Other Than Mongolian) running the joint. Hmmmm...