Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Middle of the Week

Yesterday I taught three classes all in a row. I had my new TA with me this time. I am hoping that her additional presence makes managing the classes easier this semester. In particular I am hoping that having her take attendance for me alleviates the problem of absenteeism. 

My new flatmate sent to replace the one that moved out on Monday also arrived last night. I thought he would come earlier. But, his departure was delayed. I am guessing he stays longer than the last one so I won't get the flat cleaned again for free this week. The first guy was from Syria and the new guy is from Iran.

This morning I had one student show up for my office hours. That gave me time to redo the citations from footnotes to in-text citations on the revised journal article I submitted two days ago. I got an email about this needed change from the editor yesterday.  Fortunately, it only took me an hour and a half to retype all of the citations. So I managed to get the article off before breakfast today. The article will be coming out in June.

I have a department meeting at 5:40 pm and I don't feel like going home and then coming back. So on my list of things to do today I have some reading for my 306 class, cleaning my desk, and redoing the citations on another journal article. I probably won't do the last one today since I spent this morning doing a very similar and boring task.

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