Friday, December 30, 2016

Summary of 2016

Overall 2016 was a great year. I finally got a decent paying job for the first time in my life. My compensation literally increased an order of magnitude. I got published in a top tier journal for the first time ever. The abstract is available here. I got to spend more time with my family this summer and have been able to video chat with them since then, something I couldn't do from Ghana. On the other hand my increased standard of living has led me to gain unwanted weight.


derRach said...

Dear Otto,

I am unable to read the entire article: "The Persecution of Ethnic Germans in the USSR during World War II". However I can see the first page unblurred, but the remaining pages are blurred. Also, my VPN connection through a foreign library has since been cancelled, so I am unable to download this article that way.

Yes, it is the type of article that I wish to study about my German ancestry.



J. Otto Pohl said...


You already downloaded that article back in April as evidenced by your comment on my 7 April 2016 post.

That's good news indeed!
I was able to download it through an authorized VPN university library subscription, but not in America. Naturally no one supports my research in America, but I have friends in various countries who help.

At the bottom of the page: The Russian Review 75 (April 2016): 284–303

The downloaded file title:

When I attempted to download it without using my VPN access, it requested a monetary fee depending on usage. So institutional access is a necessity unless one uses a credit card.

I am confident that I can learn much from your article too!

I do hope that you continue in your research on Germans in and from Russia?

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derRach said...

Thank you! I had previously forgotten to rename the downloaded file: "POHL-2016-The_Russian_Review.pdf" to its article name of: "The Persecution of Ethnic Germans in the USSR during World War II.

Yes, I had downloaded it, and now have renamed this file so that I can find it using the Search option.