Monday, December 12, 2016

Some of my Published Articles on Race in the USSR

The amount of scholarship on racial discrimination in the USSR is extremely limited. This is especially the case in English. The established orthodox position is that there was never any racial discrimination in the USSR under Stalin except anti-semitism. I have, however, written some pieces on the subject. I have listed below some of those that have made it into publication. Feel free to leave any comments on the actual pieces in the comments section to this post.

Is there a Black Eurasia?: Ghanaian and other Diasporic African Populations in the USSR in Comparative Perspective. 

Suffering in a Province of Asia: The Russian-German Diaspora in Kazakhstan.

Soviet Apartheid: Stalin's Ethnic Deportations, Special Settlement Restrictions, and the Labor Army: The Case of the Ethnic Germans in the USSR. 


derRach said...

Thank you for bringing the past to life. I appreciate your efforts to describe the life of Germans in Russia. Wolhyniendeutschen overcame all obstacles to give us life in their future. And fierce obstacles they faced aplenty. Your writings have brought fresh meanings to my family history. It makes for difficult reading to acknowledge their passion against all odds.

derRach said...

Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas in your new home.