Tuesday, February 05, 2013

What I do during the day (Ghanaian brain cultivation and other activities)

Yesterday it seems I spent the whole day running around campus. I went to the IT people three time to get my anti-virus software updated, the laundromat twice, the electrical division of the physical plant twice (I still don't have working lights in my room), as well as the bank and the library. So other than prepare for and teach one class I did not get much done on Monday. I think I may have graded one exam. Today I did considerably better on the exams, but still had a three hour graduate course and a two hour meeting eat up a big chunk of time. It also took over ten hours to download the updates for my new anti-virus software today. Tomorrow I have to go to Accra for six and a half hours to teach. But, Thursday I have completely free so I can probably finish up grading this week. The deadline is 22 February 2013. I will definitely be finished before then.

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