Thursday, February 14, 2013

Clair Potter - The Tenured Radical is a Liar

Clair Potter is a liar. I suppose such moral character flaws are necessary to achieve tenure at universities in the US. She is certainly representative of a strand of dominant leftists feminist historians who have an allergy to the truth and these people completely and totally dominate US academia. It is because of extremist liars like her that people like me are banned from ever even getting interviews to work in US academia. Fortunately, Africans have higher moral standards. Potter has consistently claimed that she never wrote about BDS before 2013. This is a lie. On her blog there is a post from 23 February 2009 2:06 pm on the subject.  This link will take you directly to the article unless she decides to take it down after seeing this post in order to try and cover up the fact she is a bald face liar. The url is also below.  I am sure if the post is erased somebody with more computer skills than me can recover the post from the ether. Unfortunately she is tenured so she can freely lie about anything she wants without any type of job sanction, but nobody in the world should from now on take anything she says seriously. If the state of US academia declines any further we won't have to make any improvements in Africa to overcome them.

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Tenured Radical said...

I'm not a liar Otto: I didn't remember it, which I believe is what I said. And of course I am leaving it up. It isn't invective, and it reprints the boycott request in its entirety so that others can make their own decision.