Monday, November 05, 2012

The Labor Army and Three Camps in the Urals

The first number next to the name of each camp is the total number of Russian-Germans mobilized into the labor army during WWII and sent to that camp. The second number is the total number of deaths among Russian-Germans in the labor army at that camp that have to date been verified. The actual total number may be greater. Also the number does not include the huge number of Russian-Germans released from the camps who died shortly afterwards from emaciation, disease, and other causes related directly to their stay in the camps. In the case of both Bakallag and Bogoslov the number of Russian-Germans discharged from the camp as invalids exceeded 30%. Most of these people died in addition to the recorded numbers below. The final number is the percentage of Russian-Germans in the labor army to die at each camp. The percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole digit. Bear in mind that the age distribution for those mobilized in the camps is from 15-55 for men and 16-45 for women so the number of deaths from old age should be zero. The overwhelming majority of all these deaths are excess deaths caused directly by conditions in the camps.

Bakallag  - 42,902 / 6,288 / 15%
Bogoslov - 20,711 / 3,734 / 18%
Tagilllag   -   6,511 /630/ 10%

Source: V.M. Kirillov and N.V. Matveeva, "Trudmobilizovannye nemtsy na Urale: sostoianie i novye aspekty issledovanniia problemy," in A.A. German (ed.), Nachal'nyi period Velikoi Otechesvennoi voiny i deportatsiia rossiiskikh nemtsev : vzgliady i otsenki cherez 70 let, (Moscow: MSNK-Press, 2011),   pp. 627-655.

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