Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More Thoughts on Gaza

In the long run, meaning the next couple of decades, I do not see anyway that Israel can ensure its permanent survival. It can only delay the inevitable day when there is no longer a Jewish state in Palestine like there used to be a White state in South Africa. The Israelis and their supporters have guaranteed that there can be no long term territorial compromise between such an entity and the indigenous Arab population of the Levant. This of course puts Israel where South Africa was in 1961. A year when it was just starting to become clear that most of the world was not going to tolerate the continued existence of the RSA as an apartheid state forever. Outside the US most of the world's population particularly in Europe and the Muslim countries is no longer willing to abide the existence of Israel as an openly racist state oppressing millions of Palestinian Arabs. Creating a series of Palestinian Bantustans, which can then be bombed at will like Gaza, is no longer an acceptable solution to the conflict for people outside the US and Israel. Eventually even in the US Israel's support will be diminished as most Americans come to the realization that supporting Israel does serious damage to America's reputation abroad. Unfortunately, in the meantime the Israelis have proven themselves both able and willing to inflict incredible human suffering upon the Palestinians.

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