Saturday, January 21, 2012

International Faculty

Yesterday there was a reception for international faculty at the International Programs nice new building. The dean had catered snacks and beverages for us. The largest contingent of foreigners at the University of Ghana unsurprisingly work teaching modern languages. There were two language instructors from China, two from Cuba, one from Hungary, and one from Kenya. The rest of us were spread around various departments, but included people from Germany, Canada, the US, Rwanda, the UK, Denmark, Norway, and Nigeria. I think in total there are about twenty of us. It is hard to tell, however, since not all the foreign nationals working at the university showed up to the reception. On a more serious note the the International Programs people including the dean have taken an interest in addressing the various challenges that foreign faculty have faced at the University of Ghana.


Allen Palmer said...

I noticed that there is supposed to be a journalism Fulbrighter at the Univ. of Legon this year, Otto. His name is William Ristow from Seattle. You apparently haven't run across him? At least, he wasn't on your list at the reception you described. I don't know him personally, but you should seek out Fulbrighters. According to their job description from the State Dept., they are supposed to be friendly. P.S. I do have a friend who is on a Fulbright this year in Swaziland.

J. Otto Pohl said...


There was nobody working in the Journalism Dept. at the reception. I will see if I can find him. According to his blog he left on vacation in December and will be back sometime this month.