Thursday, January 12, 2012

Graduate Students and Faculty

One thing I really like about my job is hanging out and talking to graduate students. Do people working at universities outside of Africa have this opportunity? Do they take advantage of it? Or do the faculty remain separate from the graduate students except when executing official duties such as advising? Although to be honest I am not sure why I am asking this question because I am 100% sure nobody is going to comment on it.


Allen Palmer said...

(Sorry to ruin your 100 percent prediction, Otto, but I want to comment.) I just re-connected with a group of about 10 of the Master's students I taught about 8 or 9 years ago. I enjoyed interacting with them just about as much this week as I did when we were physically together in classes in 2003-04. So, to answer your question, there is a fair amount of enjoyable socializing still happening in grad schools in USA...both in real time and on-line.

Leo Tolstoy said...

I only have undergrads, and I chat with them frequently. Usually there are two or three that I've become quite close to. I've also maintained close relationships with a few students after they graduated and went on to grad school or the real world. Several are my friends on FB.