Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Suprun and Dudarev on Trial

This blog covered the arrest of Suprun and Dudarev by the FSB for researching Stalinist repression against Russian-Germans pretty extensively in 2009. They were compiling a memory book of Russian-Germans for the Arkhangelsk region. Now evidently they are being tried in camera by the Russian government. Radio Liberty has an article on the trial.

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Merv said...

My Dad's aunt and first cousin died in the winter of 1947-48 in the Archangelsk region, of hunger and exposure no doubt. They were from Odessa region. They had been separated from Dad's uncle who made it back to Germany after WWII. Two other cousins survived and went to Kazakhstan after release in Archangelsk region in 1956. One is still alive, living in Germany.