Sunday, October 30, 2011

Partial Russian-German Labor Army Mortality Figures

The following is an excerpt from one of the few published documents on deaths among "mobilized" Russian-Germans in the labor army during World War II. It both notes that the documentation on the mortality of this group is incomplete and that the fragmentary records that do exist show extremely high death rates. The translation from Russian to English is my own.

According to incomplete figures, in the course of January-July 1942, in only 5 camps with a total listed population as of 1 August of 43,856 mobilized Germans died 5181 people.

Especially high death rates were noted in Solikamstroi, where in seven months died 1687 people, that constituted 17.6% of the listed population as of 1 August., Bogoslovstroi - during this period 1494 people, or 12.6% died, and Sevzheldorlag, where in three months died 677 people, or 13.9% of the listed population as of 1 August.
Source: N.F. Bugai, Mobilizovat' nemtsev v rabochie kolonny...I. Stalin. Moscow, 1998, pp. 138-139.

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Tanja Nyberg said...

Thank you, Otto for the entry.

I could not find 'Solikamskstroy' in this list, which I thought less or more complete.
That is a photograph of this camp, that's all.