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Translation of NKVD Report on Labor Army Conscripts in Kyrgyzstan

NKVD USSR, Moscow -
Chief of Section on Special Settlements
Colonel Comrade Kuznetsov

11 January 1946

In the matter of providing information on the number and movement of mobilized German men and women, working on the construction of hydroelectric stations and industries in Frunze Oblast of the Kyrgyz SSR as of 1 January 1946.

We report, that in the fourth quarter of 1945 on the construction site of the Voroshilov hydroelectric station left 20 people, of this number demobilized due to age were two people and deserted 18 people, arrived 17 people (transferred from the construction site of the Alamedin hydroelectric station).

During this time on the construction site of the Alamedin hydroelectric station left 61 people, from them: demobilized due to age - 23 people, deserted 41 people, arrived - 4 people (returned deserters).

All deserters from the construction sites of Voroshilov and Alamedin hydroelectric stations until their mobilization lived in sovkhozes and kolkhozes in Frunze Oblast, in connection with unsatisfactory material-living conditions on the construction sites - lack of necessary shoes and clothes for work in winter time, finally, naturally, they left the construction sites for places, where their relatives lived. In connection with this significant flight the chief of the UNKVD of Frunze Oblast lieutenant-colonel comrade Martynenko pointed out that there was a lack of a security regime at the places of work of mobilized German men and women and proposed the return of all fugitives to the construction sites.

On creating the necessary living conditions at the construction sites of the hydroelectric stations for mobilized Germans we refer the question to the Central Committee of the Communist Party (Bolshevik) and Council of Peoples Commissars of the Kyrgyz SSR.

Chief of the Section on Special Settlements of the NKVD of the Kyrgyz SSR


Chief of the 4th Section of the Section on Special Settlements

Major Kuz'min

Source: N.F. Bugai, ed., "Mobilizovat' nemtsev v rabochie kolonny...I. Stalin": Sbornik dokumentov (1940-e gody) (Moscow: Gotika, 1998), doc. no. 238, pp. 307-308.

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