Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To the Thieves at

I am shocked to find that the article I wrote and published on the Chechen and Ingush deportation time stamped 2:45 am, 23 February 2009 was reproduced in its entirety except for the sources and my name on the website. Their time stamp is 15:29, 23 February 2009. I wrote the piece and publishing it without my permission and failing to put my name at the end of it is a crime in most countries. It is also morally theft and prohibited in the Koran. I doubt that the thieves at will apologize to me, but their behavior is unacceptable.


levi9909 said...

This is disgraceful. I think I found the article on the site. You can give feedback but it doesn't take comments. Why don't you try feedback?

J. Otto Pohl said...

Mark I do not want to push the issue. These guys are terrorists. They are Shamil Basaev's thugs. They are the people responsible for the Beslan massacre of school children. By the way from what I can tell they are based in Garden City, England.