Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spicy Borscht

Yesterday the girlfriend made a huge pot of borscht. This, however, was not ordinary borscht. Her grandmother was Koryo Saram (ethnic Korean from the Soviet Far East), so almost everything she cooks gets Koreanized with chilies and other hot spices. It was quite good. I need to go buy some more smetana (Russian sour cream) today to go with it.


MSS said...

I should have added...

My wife and I were discussing how good some dill we have is. (Yes, discussing dill and how high up it goes on our list of favorite herbs.)

I pointed out that a bowl of borscht with dill on top sounded great.

So, do you put dill on your spicy borscht? I have to admit it sounds like a terrific combo to me.

J. Otto Pohl said...

The Russians put dill on everything here in huge amounts. They use it in such large quantities that it almost makes one ill. The Kyrgyz have also adopted this annoying habit to an extent. They have a soup here that is almost equal parts sour milk and dill. Trust me after you eat that you know that dill should be used in small quantities. Two things that Russian cusine needs less of are dill and mayonaise. Fortunately, the girlfriend did not put dill in the borscht.