Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking for Books

I am looking for the following three books. If anybody knows how I might be able to purchase them here in Bishkek please let me know. Note all three of the books were published in Bishkek.

D.S. Kyzaeva, T.D. Dotsenko, S.I. Begaliev, Arkhivnye dokumenty svidetel'stvuiut: Deportirovannye narody v Kyrgyzstane (Bishkek: "Aibek", 1995)

A. Shtraus and S. Pankrats, Svidetel'stva prestuplenii (Bishkek: Ilim, 1997)

G.K. Krongardt, Nemtsy v Kyrgyzstane 1880-1990 gg. (Bishkek: Ilim, 1997)

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