Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sixty Years Since Deir Yassin

On 9 April 1948, armed Zionists from the Irgun and LEHI massacred over 100 Palestinians at Deir Yassin outside of Jerusalem. There is a very good piece on this atrocity by one of the leading Jewish anti-apartheid activists and current Minister of Intelligence in South Africa, Ronnie Kasrils. There really is no moral difference between creating a Jewish state in Palestine and creating a White state in South Africa.

hat tip:

Mark Elf at Jews sans frontieres


levi9909 said...

Otto - I am so honoured to be hat-tipped on your blog. Every so often I check in to see how you - the scourge of ethnic cleansers everywhere (and not just in Palestine!) - are getting getting on and you seem to be just fine....unless looks are deceptive.

Well done!

levi9909 said...

Oh no! It you hat-tipped the wrong guy. That was my blogging colleague Nedster who posted the Deir Yassin item. I was thinking, I really must lay off the wine, I don't remember posting that.

Still I did choose Nedster to come and help me out so perhaps that deserves a hat-tip!

J. Otto Pohl said...

Mark: Well it was your blog so I assumed you posted the Kasrils link. I am doing well in Bishkek. I am quite busy teaching, but I greatly enjoy it.